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WhatsApp: Warning-This message will crash your iPhone



New bugs found in iOS

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In the past, certain strings sent through Messenger usually caused the iPhone to crash. Now, a new message is spreading, causing WhatsApp and Threema to crash. Watch out for this news.

A new iOS bug caused WhatsApp, Threema and Co. to crash. This is what the news looks like.

A new iOS bug caused WhatsApp, Threema and Co. to crash. This is what the news looks like. [Source: Netzwelt]

The latest major news is currently circulating on WhatsApp. It can ensure that the iPhone continuously crashes and stops responding in a short time. Many users make fun of it and forward the message to their contacts. However, WhatsApp is not the only messenger affected by this error. Users reported that iPhone users flew Threema shortly after receiving the message. This error has been recorded in the video on the Twitter channel "Everything Apple Pro", we will introduce it below.

We can learn about the error through group chat and with a single contact. However, errors do not always appear. If WhatsApp and the corresponding group or contact are open, nothing happens when the message arrives. If the application is closed or other contacts are open, the communication program will freeze when the push notification arrives or manually opens WhatsApp. Then, the iPhone stops responding, and you cannot close it or close the application. Soon after, the application eventually crashed. If you turn it on again, everything will work again, and the corresponding message will not cause any further problems.

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There was a similar error recently in December 2019. It is not clear whether all known Messenger is affected by this error, but it cannot be ruled out. Therefore, you cannot currently protect yourself from the crash, but the bug will be fixed in an upcoming update of iOS. If you should receive the message, please do not send it to your contact and get the sender's attention. At first it sounds like a funny joke, but it can be annoying for people who have been affected for a long time, especially if the typed text disappears due to a crash.

Not the only error in iOS

The Messenger vulnerability is not the only vulnerability in the iPhone operating system, but it may be one of the more harmless vulnerabilities. The security holes in the pre-installed mail application are currently more serious. This allows attackers to monitor mail. However, there is a way to protect yourself. In the linked article, we explained how it works.

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