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When does GTA 6 appear? Publisher Take-Two delivers a new release note




An official announcement from GTA 6 is still waiting, but the rumor mill is bubbling. An official announcement from GTA 6 is still waiting, but the rumor mill is bubbling.

GTA 6 doesn't have a release date yet, it wasn't even officially announced by Rockstar. Nevertheless, fans can no longer expect to get tangible information about the next Grand Theft Auto that, according to insiders, is definitely already in development.

There is now one among all the alleged leaks and fan theories new reference to the potential release date by Grand Theft Auto 6 – and that comes from Publisher Take-Two personally.

»93 video games in five years«

So are from a current Investor conference the video game company received new information related to Take-Two’s release plans. As a result, the publisher wants to be in the next five years up to »93 full video games«


To do this too »Continuation of their largest franchises« count that make the upcoming line-up the “strongest of the whole company history” – and this could undoubtedly include GTA 6 from the development studio Rockstar Games, even if the game is not named by name.

When could GTA 6 fall?

What information is there now for the release date? It gets a little more meaningful in the investor conference when Take-Two takes a closer look at the release dates. As a result, 2021 should be more of an “easy year of new releases”, but in the 2022 fiscal year at the latest one wants to go to the brim.

It stands to reason that GTA 6 is not one of the easy releases of Take-Two. At this point, however, one should not forget the publisher's other heavyweights – such as Bioshock or NBA 2K.

This could mean that a release of GTA 6 in the period 2022 to early 2023 would be quite likely. This forecast would in turn coincide with that of industry insider Jason Schreier, who recently revealed that fans would definitely have to wait “a few more years” for Grand Theft Auto 6. And our own GameStar forecast for the GTA 6 release goes in a very similar direction:

When does GTA 6 come? Our forecast for the release


more on the subject

When does GTA 6 come? Our forecast for the release

Of course, this is not yet a confirmationthat GTA 6 will actually appear in 2022/2023. Between the many rumors and alleged leaks, however, it is one of the most concrete references to a possible release date of GTA 6, after all, the statements come from Take-Two and not any leaks. And at least one thing seems certain: GTA 6 is unlikely to appear before April 2021 – which is still part of the 2021 fiscal year.


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