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Why are The Simpsons yellow?



Why are The Simpsons yellow?

The Simpsons have lived a long life full of very entertaining crazy th ings since they made their first broadcast. As the animated series has accumulated seasons, animation quality has also been improving

little by little in each delivery.

However, despite the fact that changed various aspects in the design of them to improve the series, they are still yellow. This is a question many fans ask themselves, since The Simpsons are human after all. If you've ever wondered why their skin has this weird color, then we explain why creator Matt Groening

decided to make them like this.

This is how the idea of ​​making The Simpsons yellow came about

Why are The Simpsons yellow?
Happy and yellow Simpson family

In a interview with BBC, Groening claimed that when it came time to choose the color for the cartoon he wanted something that was different and give your creation a unique identity so that people will easily recognize them. The idea of ​​the color yellow came to an animator and Groening did not hesitate to accept it.

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