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Why early Pokémon movies are so introspective




Among the many Pokémon that we find we find some that have feathers

The franchise Pokemon He has released more than 20 films throughout history, but the overwhelming majority of fans believe that the first and second films – which focus on Mewtwo and Lugia – are the best.

Thanks to a post written by Takeshi shudoWe recently learned that one of the anime scriptwriters originally intended to replace the main character Ash Ketchum every few years. And now another great secret has been revealed that tells us why the first two films are so introspective and thoughtful.

The story of the original script from the first Pokémon movies

Takeshi Shudo, who passed away in 2010, was one of the writers for the anime series and the first Pokemon movies. In a document written 10 years ago and recently revealed it detailed why the movies were so introspective.

As the Japanese screen writer explained, the first film was practically untouchable at the script level due to the controversy of the Pokémon television series at that time. In one of the episodes titled “Cyber ​​Soldier Porygon,” one of the Pokémon creatures launched an attack that caused the screen to flash with white lights. Some viewers struggled as a result, and the studio was very busy with this situation and allowed Takeshi Shudo to have more independence when writing the first movie.


After the huge success of Pokémon: The Movie, the studio informed Takeshi Shudo that I would have more freedom when writing the script for the next movie. In fact, the producer mentioned that “it wouldn't interfere with the second movie.” So the writer wrote two stories that were much more introspective than most of the narratives we encounter in the Pokémon adventures. To this day, fans still remember how it seemed that Ash Ketchum had died at the hands of Mewtwo, and many of them leaked the odd tear during the premiere of the film in theaters.

The first two Pokémon movies were focused on the ideas of existence and coexistence. Takeshi Shudo himself acknowledged that he felt possessed in making sure that films adhered to these principles. If you weren't so free to write the scripts, who knows how different the first two Pokemon movies would have been!

Currently, the franchise is preparing the premiere of a new movie titled Pokémon: Coco in which Ash will meet a curious boy in the forest. Initially, the film was to be released on July 10 but, unfortunately, its release will be delayed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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