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Wild Guns and Rygar among the new SNES and NES classics coming to Nintendo Switch Online in May




Three months later of the latest update, the catalog of classic games from NES and SNES of Nintendo Switch Online will finally be updated this month and in a matter of a few days with four new additions so that all those subscribed to the Nintendo Switch online have access to them.

Among the new titles that have been chosen there are three that correspond to SNES, while the fourth and last one was published at the time on NES. They will all arrive on May 20th and we will review below what they will be.

New SNES classics

Wild Guns

Nintendo Switch Online 02

There is no doubt that this month's star game is Wild Guns that takes us to the Wild West with a steampunk theme. By distributing shots left and right, we will have to eliminate numerous enemies and giant robots that will appear on the stage and that will test our reflexes to dodge their bullets.

Pon Panel

Nintendo Switch Online 01

Those of you who have played Tetris Attack will find it very familiar Pon Panel for being exactly identical, with the difference that this game never saw the light outside of Japan and it will be the first time that we can try it to try to solve its convoluted puzzles in which we must combine pieces of different colors.

Operation Logic Bomb

Nintendo Switch Online 03

In the role of Agent Logan, in Operation Logic Bomb we must save a scientific base and its workers from a group of invaders who have assaulted it. For this we will have bioelectronic implants that will give greater strength and powerful abilities to our protagonist.

New NES classics


Nintendo Switch Online 04

The only NES title coming this month is Rygar, a 2D platformer and action adventure in which we control a hero who must defeat the evil King Ligar and his army of beasts.


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