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Will GTA 6 be released in 2021? New information about the release date




GTA 5 was released over seven years ago. Could the successor GTA 6 2021 appear? GTA 5 was released over seven years ago. Could the successor GTA 6 2021 appear?

GTA 6 will come – despite the current lack of an official announcement, nobody doubts that. However, many fans of the Rockstar game series are wondering when the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date will be.

Which speaks for a release of GTA 6 2021

In fact, GTA 6 could be released as early as 2021, making it one of the earlier, but above all, biggest titles for the next generation of consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X become. This presumption is actually supported by relatively specific information.

For example, a report by the investors of the publisher Take-Two showed that they had one Release of GTA 6 next year for the new consoles count. This assumption is based on the fact that Take-Two shouldn't and shouldn't wait too long to start a big blockbuster for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The report also shows that Take-Two "needs" a strong title after the relatively weak fiscal quarter to make up for it. Most recently, for example, the announcement of the departure of rock star co-founder Dan Houser caused the share price to crash, but it recovered very quickly.

The fact that GTA 6 should not be released as early as 2020 is explained on the one hand by a potential development and production delay due to the corona virus and on the other hand that Take-Two would still wait until it turns out the new consoles are established in the market and among players

would have.

What do we already know about GTA 6?

It remains to be seen whether GTA 6 will actually appear in 2021 after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. GTA 5 would be seven years old, so a successor would soon be due. With an announcement entitled Grand Theft Auto 6 »GTA VI (CE)« Incidentally, fans expect March 20, 2020.

On Reddit, the theory persists that Rockstar will unveil its next big title on that date. However, this has not been confirmed and the current risk of the corona virus may have postponed potential plans for a GTA-6 disclosure.

Officially, we currently know next to nothing about GTA 6. In the game with the alleged title GTA VI (CE), it should go back to Vice City, while locations such as Mexico and Chicago also part of a drug cartel setting of the 80s play a role.

An overview of the most important rumors and potential leaks about GTA 6 you can get from our GamePro colleagues.


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