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World of Warcraft gets ray tracing support




"World of Warcraft" ray tracing was recently added to the alpha version of "Land of Shadows," which should enable players with high-spec builds to benefit from improved visual effects.

The news came from the popular World of Warcraft information site Wowhead. Obviously, the ray tracing settings of World of Warcraft can now be viewed in Shadowlands Alpha, but it is not yet available for players to enable.

This article pointed out: “Although WOW can always run on a variety of PCs including low-end old machines, but for those players who want better performance and graphics on modern computers, the Ray Tracing option should be a Welcome news. "

It continues: "After enabling this option, players using Nvidia video cards that support RTX technology should be able to use more realistic shadows." "It is important to emphasize that players who do not have RTX-enabled Nvidia graphics cards may not be able to use this Options. "

World of Warcraft ray tracing

The post also includes screenshots highlighting the ray tracing options in the game, which are provided by users of the "Jaydaa" handle.

World  of Warcraft ray tracing

In other Shadowlands development, it seems that the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion will be the first item in the history of the series to actively provide controller support. As Sherif Saed pointed out in a previous VG247 article, Blizzard does not seem to intend to make the extension fully compatible with the controller, but is trying to improve the accessibility options for players with disabilities.

In related news, Blizzard recently announced that it is too early to determine whether BlizzCon 2020 will continue. In addition, in "World of Warcraft", this is also a hill, which is full of bastards.

The article wrote: "This is not the freshest or most relevant news, and of course it is not important, nor worth mentioning, but in" World of Warcraft "there is a hill also a donkey."

"I say it again: In" World of Warcraft "there is a hill that is also an ass."

"World of Warcraft: Shadow Land" is scheduled to launch later this year.

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