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Xbox Game Pass subscribers grow to 15 million



Since April, Xbox Game Pass has gained more than 5 million new members.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax and all of its studios and IP in the official press release concealing a new record.
Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

Game Pass on PC and Xbox now has more than 15 million members

. This is an increase of 50% from 10 million in April.

This news is not surprising. There is no doubt that Xbox Game Pass has been the best deal in the game for some time, and Microsoft has made it increasingly difficult for casual players to res ist by investing in content-especially the release of new games, persuading EA and even adding cloud streaming technology. There is no additional cost.

But we can't ignore that Microsoft has been vigorously promoting this service in the past few months. New users can still try the service at an introductory price of $1 per month. When Game Pass transitioned to PC, Microsoft provided PC users with curiosity about the service's $5 monthly discount, which is no longer available because PC Game Pass has exceeded the Beta version.

The Game Pass Ultimate itself, which combines PC and Xbox services and Live Gold, is still only $15, which is only $5 more than the standard subscription in the single-platform Game Pass.

Bringing Bethesda's rich database to Game Pass will undoubtedly further expand the audience, especially now that we know that future games of Bethesda's various studios will be available on the first day of Game Pass.

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