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Yakuza Like a Dragon announces release date in multi-hat trailer



Yakuza Like a Dragon announces release date in multi-hat trailer

While the father Romain is basking the pill under the Hauts-de-France sun, Sega takes advantage of this rare moment of weakness to announce with drum and trumpet the official arrival of the new Yakuza for this fall. Get out your Muji markers and get ready to hand out mandals by the hundreds.

Yakuza Like A Dragon is coming out, and therefore announces its arrival on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for November 13 – a date that was also seen last July. Whoever loses in passing his numbering with his western location does not really care about local superstitions, since the 13 in question will be a … Friday.

To celebrate this mahutesque announcement with great fanfare, Sega reminds us that the new formula of the beat'em all series will this time draw its inspiration from the equally Japanese genre of RPG, and therefore offers us to discover some of the still jobs to be reckoned with

. Japan obliges, your team will be able to count in its ranks dancers, idols, hosts, croupiers and other musicians of the families, history to vary the pleasures. And too bad for the dark mages.

Those who would rather wait for the next generation of consoles to experience the turn-based adventures of Ichiban Kasuga will have to take their troubles patiently for a while, since Sega now explains that Yakuza Like A Dragon will be released “at launch” for Xbox Series X, and “later” on PlayStation 5.

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