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You can now pre-load Minecraft Dungeon, which will be released later this month




By Cian Maher
Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 16:41 GMT

As of today, players seem to be able to pre-install Minecraft Dungeons, a derivative of Minecraft that will be released later this month.

The news came from the game ’s official Microsoft Store page, which was recently updated with new information about the upcoming dungeon crawler. The details listed so far are particularly relevant to the PC version of the game, and it will obviously take up about 2.71GB of space.

The official description of the game says: "Inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set up in the world of Minecraft to fight through a brand new action adventure game." "Up to four friends can play together, You can brave the dungeon. "

"Novel mobs fighting in dynamic, full of treasures, crazy and changeable levels, all of which are epic missions designed to defeat the evil devil."

Minecraft dungeon

Minecraft Dungeon will include local and online cooperatives and will support 2-4 players. It is speculated that its inspiration mainly comes from a series of classic dungeon crawlers, originally designed as a 3DS game, and later redistributed to Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Minecraft Dungeon will be released on consoles and PCs on May 26 and will cost $ 19.99 (or local currency equivalent). If you are curious about the expectations of Minecraft (not Minecraft), you can check out some gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons.

It is also worth mentioning that "Dungeon" will be included in the Xbox Game Pass of the PC. If you have n’t picked it up yet, you ’re in luck: Xbox Game Pass is now again enjoying a 50% discount again.

You can view the official Minecraft Dungeons movie trailer embedded below.

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