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You can use "Fear as a weapon" in "The Ghost of the Horse"




By Cian Maher
Thursday, May 14, 2020 22:04 GMT

Today ’s Tsushima ’s Ghost of Tsushima trailer released by Sucker Punch in the recent PlayStation Play status has confirmed that you can “use fear as a weapon” in Tsushima ’s Ghost.

This information is included in the official game trailer of Tsushima, which you can view below. It has a brand-new game time of about 18 minutes, and shows how to fight against the ghost of the horse. It also shows us how to use fear as a weapon against the ghost of the horse. Check out the video embedded below.

In addition to the more traditional warrior fighting methods, you can also make more ghost-like moves. As a ghost, you can scare the fear or confuse the enemy by manipulating the sound purposefully, thereby using fear as a weapon, then you can use stealth to assassinate them. You can also use smoke bombs and smoke bombs that look like fireworks to block their sight when they catch you, then you can take quick, decisive action and kill them-disgraceful.

After being found, it is recommended that you kill the enemy with Kunai in order to kill the enemy quickly and at close range. Kill enough enemies and the remaining Mongolians will rush away in fear, which may be frightened by your abominable and disgraceful actions. Once you become a warrior, you can now use all necessary means to complete the mission. At least the ghost of the horse fox is still your friend.

Ghost on horse

In order to increase the damage, the "ghost" part of the game trailer will set you on fire to burn down the shipyard to ensure that the operation base of the Mongolian invaders is completely uninhabitable.

Although "The Ghost of the Horse" was originally scheduled to be launched by Jupiter, it was delayed due to COVID-19. It will now be released for PS4 on July 17.

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