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You can use Red Dead Online to create a team for free until June 8




Through Sherif Saed,
Wednesday, May 13, 2020, GMT

Red Dead Online will offer many bonuses and freebies this week.

Rock star revealed weekly bonus Red Dead online. For starters, the team creation fee will be waived until June 8. This means that anyone can permanently create a team without paying.

For the collector character, when selling the arrow or bird egg collector's suit to Ms. Nazar, the player will receive a 50% profit. Moonshiners sales also increased by 30% throughout the week.

For practical considerations, many useful items were sold this week, such as "Handbook" and "Provisions", with a maximum discount of 50%. As always, you will find a lot of clothing within the limited time of the week.

Tasman, Danube, Manteca Hat, Cossack Hat, Boutell Hat and Irwin Coat can all be found in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalogs until May 26.

And, as mentioned earlier, you can still get some benefits by connecting your Twitch account (with Prime) to your Rockstar Social account. You will find a completely free polished copper moonlight still upgraded version and a collection bag, as well as five free Moonshiner levels.

PlayStation Plus owners can expect a free fisherman ’s starter pack, which includes 5 special lake baits, 5 special swamp baits and 5 special river baits. There is also a free treasure map.

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