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You have to be a Pokémon chef to make Abra truffles like this




If you are a sweet tooth and you love sweets, surely these Pokémon desserts will whet your appetite

. We can start with some Spheal chocolate truffles or eat, for a snack or breakfast, some Pokémon cookies worthy of the best chef. But if you want to savor some Abra peanut butter trufflesPay attention to what you are going to see.

Thanks to the culinary talent he shares miscellaneousmao on Reddit, We can see some very worked truffles from Abra

with all the details of the Pokémon. It is not easy to make a pastry so fine and with so many minute details, so have gotten a few units of these Open groceries, it will have been a challenge of hours in the kitchen.

Open peanut butter truffles [OC] desde Pokemon

We would love to try one of these, although we know that we would be very sorry to eat them for how well they are made, but we would not want to be left without our little rationcilla of Psychic Pokémon.

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