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you need to see this incredible 3D design of Meliodas




Nanatsu No Taizai or, as many of us know anime, The Seven Deadly Sins, has a protagonist who can compete with Luffy from One Piece to take the prize to the most smiling and optimistic person. We are talking about Meliodas, the undisputed protagonist of the series and favorite of many who do not hesitate to try to bring him to life with realistic and friendly versions or with 3D designs that digitally paint your face in a truly sublime way.

After seeing Escanor as he would be in reality, the somewhat different fan art he shares David Kuo at ArtStation

it show us a face of Meliodas pristino and big eyes, something that has always characterized the physiognomy of the character. You may not have a smile on your face, but those bright eyes they remind us of the boy's great energy and his eagerness to save the world from the demonic threat

3D Meliodas face
David Kuo at ArtStation

Surely you agree with us when we say that this Meliodas looks like a Final Fantasy character in its design, although it still has all the details that make it a completely unique character and with a very own personality.


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