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"Young Shelton": ProSieben Sitcom Season 3 Episode Guide




So is Sheldon Cooper and his family!

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ProSieben will be playing episode 12 of Season 3 of "Young Sheldon" today. Young geniuses face new challenges. Shelton has a new "family member". You can find out how Shelton handles this issue in our Young Shelton Season 3 episode guide.

Young Shelton: A derivative of the Big Bang Theory tells the story of 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, who lived in Texas with his family in 1989 and went to school.

Young Shelton: A derivative of the Big Bang Theory tells the story of 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, who lived in Texas with his family in 1989 and went to school. (Source: CBS)

Due to the corona crisis, production for the fourth quarter is currently suspended. In our overview you can find the meaning of the "Young Sheldon" launch date. The third season will return to the United States on April 2. Fans can then look forward to episode 19 of ABC CBS, titled "Houses for Sale and Serious Women".

In Germany, ProSieben is currently showing the third season of a successful sitcom. On Monday, March 23, viewers will watch episode 12, titled "Flash Powder and Hot Drinks."

In Season 3 of the CBS comedy series "Young Sheldon" aired on ProSieben in Germany, we continue to see how the quirky "Big Bang Theory" character Sheldon Cooper grew up. He often clashed with his family because their academic ambitions and love of pop culture were different.

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Young Shelton Season 3: Episode Guide

Here you will find the episode guide for "Young Sheldon" season 3.

Episode 1: Snowball and Money Rain

Dr. Sturgis suffered a nervous breakdown, and Mary worried that Sheldon would encounter the same fate. George found that he had a knack for acting.

Original: Weird Egg Head and Texas Snowball

Premiere: September 26, 2019

Episode 2: The Broom Room and the Devil's Game

Sheldon, who has no PhD Sturgis, must find another way to challenge himself academically. At the same time, Rev. Mary Jeff Pastor did not succumb to the temptation of his girlfriend.

Original: Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Bureau

Premiere: October 03, 2019

Episode 3: Young Entrepreneurs and Nasty Admirers

When Meemaw no longer wanted to take him to his lecture, Sheldon put things in his own hands. At the same time, Georgie tried to impress Veronica with his new business philosophy.

Original: Entrepreneurs and bottom SWAT

Premiere: October 10, 2019

Episode 4: Habibs and Scientific Breakthrough

When Sheldon discovered the Lord of the Rings and was lost in Middle-earth, he was forced to break with science. The lady asked George Senior to teach her how to capture.

Original: Hobbit, physics and a zippered ball

Premiere: October 17, 2019

Episode 5: Pineapple and Male Breast Friendship

When Dr. Sturgis was later released from the psychiatric clinic, he unexpectedly terminated his relationship with Meemaw.

Original: The embrace of pineapple and male friendship

Premiere: October 24, 2019

Episode 6: Parasol and Baseball Girl

Missy applied to the baseball team on a playground. At the same time, Meemaw must separate Dr. to handle St fish.

Original: Parasol and Hell

Premiere: November 07, 2019

Episode 7: Muscle Soreness and Hell on Two Limbs

Sheldon caused a shit storm on the Internet, and Missy had to play against the boys of the baseball team. Meemaw was also unhappy with George Senior spending time with his new boyfriend.

Original: Pongo Pygmaeus and a culture that encourages spitting

Premiere: November 14, 2019

Episode 8: The Sin of Greed and the Toilet Key

George got a new job, and George Senior was looking forward to it. He wanted to recruit Sheldon for the university.

Original: The Sin of Greed and Chimichanga in Chichichi

Premiere: November 21, 2019

Episode 9: Thoughts and Aliens in the Chicken Coop

Sheldon was not allowed to attend Billy's birthday party. Mary was worried and contacted Rev. Jeff.

Original: Party invitation, football grapes and chicken

Premiere: December 05, 2019

Episode 10: Pool Monsters and Pandemic

Shelton did not want to take the swimming test, so she simulated illness. Meemaw's new friend is being monitored.

Original: Junior soup and buns

Premiere: December 12, 2019

Episode 11: Chicken and Marriage Rush in the Closet

Shelton's grandparents must take care of their grandson. Of course, the situation is out of control.

Original: Live chicken, fried chicken and holy marriage

Premiere: January 9, 2020

Episode 13: Contracts, Rules and a Little Pig Brain

George Sr. and George and Meemaw's new boyfriend Dale camped. But when Meemaw's ex-boyfriend Dr. Sturgis came. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Missy are developing a super game.

Premiere: January 30, 2020

Episode 14: Collapses, Crosses, and Rubbles by the Road

Sheldon felt compelled to work with a group of highly motivated students at school. Meemaw also met Dale's predecessor.

Premiere: February 6, 2020

Episode 15: Boyfriend's Ex Wife and Good Luck

Mary was worried about how Missy handled religion. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Georgie made geological discoveries in the rocks off the road.

Premiere: February 13, 2020

Episode 16: Pasadena

Sheldon attended a lecture by his idol Stephen Hawking. A few years later, he could look at a cafeteria at the California Institute of Technology, where he spent the holidays with Leonard & Co.

Premiere: February 20, 2020

Latest news on "Young Shelton"

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