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ZA / UM confirms it will pay fans for their translations of Disco Elysium




About a month ago it became public that the fan translation into Spanish of Elysium Disc will become the official. ZA / UM, the studio that develops this particular role-playing game, contacted the community of DLAN Clan who was carrying out the localization project and offered them the necessary material for the translation to appear in the official version of the game, including its ports to consoles (reach PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2020).

Also a couple of days ago ZA / UM announced a big update for Elysium Disc that, among other things, involves the opening of a website dedicated to game localization projects to several languages: on that page you can see how advanced progress is in each language, including Korean, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German and French. Except in the last two cases, all these translations are being carried out by non-professional teams, fans that until now we did not know if they would have remuneration or not.

ZA / UM confirms that they do pay for fan translations of Elysium Disc

As in no section of the translations page of Elysium Disc

nor in any of the ZA / UM communications does it specify if the community location projects will be remunerated, From igamesnews we have contacted Chris Priestman, ZA / UM worker and leader of the international location project of Elysium Disc, to consult this question directly.

Priestman has clarified to us that indeed "they are paying the teams" who are in charge of the official translation of Disco Elysium, also sending us a tweet from the official account of the game that has gone a bit unnoticed and that clarifies this issue: "Yes, please rest assured that all confirmed locations will be fully compensated", explained the tweet in response to a user who also wanted to know if fans were working for free or for pay.

The game's translation project has become somewhat professional. So much so that even the original location of the DLAN Clan has undergone several changes: the forum thread in which it was staying is currently closed and has been replaced by a website dedicated to the project in which some details are explained and who works on translating the game is specified, in addition translation beta has been canceled that it would allow the game to be played in Spanish before the final version of the Spanish translation was released.

Before closing the forum thread, the project leader public an extensive message explaining the whole process of contact with ZA / UM. Right there he was also talking about the remuneration of this work, explaining that the studio is negotiating with them a remuneration beneficial to both parties that, if not complied with, would mean the "free release" of the translation Castilian fan.


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