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Zoom: User reports meeting, sound and video issues




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Video conferencing software Zoom is very popular in the corona crisis. However, many users currently report problems with the program. The cause of this disease is unclear. We will inform you here.

What happened to Zoom? Many users of video conferencing software are currently curious. Since 11:15 am on Sunday, May 17, we have recorded numerous reports of problems and difficulties with the program in the Netzwelt fault indicator. Therefore, there are often problems with video and audio streaming and meetings.

Judging from Twitter's situation, these issues are obviously not limited to Germany. Users from all over the world have similar news.

Zoom itself has not commented on the issue. The server may also be temporarily overloaded. Pay close attention to the Netzwelt fault detector and observe whether the fault will be eliminated in the next few minutes. Of course, you can also switch to other video conferencing software.

Affected cities and regions

  • Cologne
  • Berlin
  • Dusseldorf
  • eat

The most common diseases

  • Other issues [5.81%]
  • Audio problems [19.77%]
  • Login [6.98%]
  • Conference agenda [38.37%]
  • Film problems [29.07%]
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Fault detector from

We constantly evaluate the availability of Zoom's servers and services and show you any problems or malfunctions. Here, you can find the current fault status of the zoom, the support address, and the manufacturer ’s message about the problem. There you can also check whether the interference is local or national.

You can always see the current faults and problems in our fault detector. Here, we list the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services. You can also use our speed test to test your own line for problems.

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