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51 Worldwide Games seems to have a free version for people who don't have the game to join the multiplayer – iGamesNews




Here we get quite interesting news related to 51 Worldwide Games / Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. Apparently, at launch, there will be a special edition of the game available in the eShop.

It is a secondary version of the digital and free game that can be downloaded to enjoy multiplayer features. Apparently, this will allow players who have not purchased the title to join a game of the full game to enjoy it in company.

This is the message that can be read in the official store of Nintendo UK:

There will be a free companion software that will allow players to connect in local multiplayer with someone who owns the full version of the game. As long as your friends have a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite and one person owns the game, everyone else will be able to play too!

It seems this will work similarly to download function Available on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS and the Namco Museum. What do you think?

Finally, remember that the title will premiere on Nintendo Switch on June 5.



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