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All the details of the mysterious gifts that Pokémon Sword and Shield will receive until the premiere of The Isle of Armor – iGamesNews




You will surely remember that last night we received by surprise a couple of mysterious gifts from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now we have been able to know more details about this event.

According to what was shared, more Pokémon will be added in the coming months as mysterious gifts in the Nintendo Switch title along with other rewards. These are the shared details:

  • Mr. Mime de Galar
    It can be received from now until 4:59 pm PT on May 28 along with a batch of Cebo Ball, Peso Ball, Luna Ball and Ensueño Ball.
  • Galar's Ponyta It will be distributed at 5:00 pm PT on May 29 and will run until 4:59 pm PT on June 4 along with a set of Level Ball, Speedy Ball, Amor Ball, Amigo Ball and Ente Ball.
  • Corsola de Galar will be distributed at 5:00 p.m. PT on June 5 and will last until 4:59 p.m. PT of June 11 along with a batch of evolutionary items including Sweet Apple, Acid Apple, Broken Teapot, Cracked Teapot, Cream Candy, and Fragrant Sachet.
  • Meowth de Galar It will begin to be distributed at 5:00 pm PT on June 12 along with a set of 50 Maxipepitas and 100 L Candies and no end date was given because this will coincide with the launch of The island of armor.

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