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Animal Crossing Director Wants To Make New Horizons "The Best Game Ever"




Animal Crossing

We all have a favorite entry in any long-running video game series, and when it comes to Nintendo's life imitation Animal Crossing it's probably no different.

Apparently Crossing the Animals: New Horizons director Aya Kyogoku completely understands this and ensures respect for the players the "memories and love" they have in the old entries. Saying this, during each cycle of the development of the new Animal Crossing game, the team remains intent on releasing previous entries.

Kyogoku recently spoke about this in detail and about the emerging French landscape 20 minutes. Here is a full translation by Twitter user jmac857

(via Nintendo All):

With each upgrade (cycle), we always want to make sure the latest entry is the best game. Such was the case with the New Leaf and is still in New York. But everyone, especially the fans, has their favorite game (in the series). I believe it's part of the radio to have long running structures like Animal Crossing – players talk about the difference, from one game to another. We don't want to ruin their memories and love for old games – we always remember that, we actually want them to keep the memories they had while living in different Animal Crossing games, as well as the sporting events of their past lives during play.

New Horizons is giving players so much freedom right now. Starting with an empty canvas, you can now make art, furniture and public works, using your terraform In addition to this, it has already converted over 13.41 million units, surpassing the 3DS entry sales time.

Are you currently adding your favorite game to the Animal Crossing series? Do you think it's the prettiest, or does it need a little love? Tell us below.


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