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Animal Crossing: Knowing Pocket Camp Great Expansion of Downloads and Revenue




Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Believe it or not, but it's a Nintendo-enabled mobile download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp up 150% since the release Crossing the Animals: New Horizons. It went from receiving 520,000 entries last month to a whopping 1,3 million as of M arch 21st. On the income side, it has received its best day since the start of the month, generating $ 253,000 in player spending.

While this may seem weird at first, it's not all that surprising when you consider that Nintendo had been developing a special crossover event that allows players to get a special set of items in New York when redeeming code from Pocket Camp on the switch at the Shop.

As for New Horizons, it spent it in the park for a week in the UK. Meanwhile, over in Japan, it's about to be the biggest launch of the Switch game ever. You can learn more about how to find Pocket Camp items in Newelsons in our guide. Have you made it back to cross Animal Crossing early to find these items? Leave a comment below.

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