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Celeste will be available for free to Nintendo Switch Online members May 18-24 in Japan – iGamesNews




Good news for Japanese subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online, since it has been shared that They can download and play Celeste for free from May 18 to 24.

Celeste is a platform game whose objective is to survive controlling the character Madeline for the most diverse challenges on her journey through Celeste Mountain. The game was developed by Matt Makes Games, the creators of the classic TowerFall.

We remind you of his description and his trailer:

Help Madeline survive the demons inside her on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this carefully crafted platform designed by the creators of the classic multiplayer TowerFall.

The controls are simple and accessible: jump, accelerate in the air and scale, but with several layers of depth of expression that will have to be mastered, as each failure teaches a lesson. Lightning respawns allow you to keep climbing as you unravel mysteries and face numerous dangers.

It is time, Madeline. Take a deep breath. You can do it.

  • Adventure for a player marked by the narration; a charming cast of characters and a poignant plot of personal discovery
  • Big mountain with over 700 screens of tough challenges and twisted secrets
  • Brutal "B-side" chapters to unlock for the most daring
  • Over two hours of original music with an amazing piano and catchy synth beats
  • Cake

It is currently unknown if this promotion will also be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in the West. Finally, we remind you that it is not the first time that a promotion of this type has been launched, since in July of last year it was announced that Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker It would be available for free to Nintendo Switch Online members from August 5 to 11 in Japan, although nothing was said about the West, later, in August of last year, it was announced that Mario Tennis Aces It would be available for free to Nintendo Switch Online members from August 7 to 13 thanks to the sample game show and finally in February it was announced that Dead Cells It would be available for free to Nintendo Switch Online members from February 24 to March 1 in Japan.

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