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Crossing New Animals: New Horizons Glitch Allows You To Walk On The Roof And The Sea




Crossing the Animals: New Horizons glitches seem to be coming in bigger and faster these days. In recent times, we have seen a few pieces of recycling, one that can set up land plots, and one that prevents balloons from appearing. Now, we still have one more to explore, and this will undoubtedly lead to a new social network.

A YouTube user StephenPlays share drag details that allow your player character to get out of bounds, allowing you to walk on the stone roof and even to the sea. To take it out, you just need a chair from many angles and something to hold while sitting down. You will need a second player to fly to your island.

You can see how it all plays out in the video below. This procedure involves the placement of a specific upright chair (just one pull from your target building or water) but it seems easy to do. Note that the only building this will not interact with is Residence Services, as you can't put things close enough to their walls.

Nintendo is looking for some of the brightest pre-found, so it's likely that this little trick will be gone forever. If you like the sound of getting healthy photo ops within a game, you should give this a go sooner rather than later.

What will they find next?


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