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Crossing the Animals: New Horizons Just Had the Biggest Presentation of Any Game in Japan




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Hold on to your hats, folks, we think there will be more news like this one coming up in the next few weeks.

Yes, Geo Corporation's new data report (via 4Gamer), it means Crossing the Animals: New Horizons just had the biggest opening weekend of any switchch game in the three-year console history in Japan. As noted VGC

, this will put the sale on the first three days of the game before Pokémon Sword and ShieldA total of 1.3 million, too Super Smash Bros. Finally& # 39; s in 1.2 million nations.

The game also saw the first success of the UK. Our first chart data show from the UK

showing that the title went straight to number one, beating all of the inaugural Animal Crossing & # 39;

Currently, the best-selling Animal Crossing game in the world Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which had sold 12.45 million copies since December of 2019. It may be short-lived to say so, but it would not be a surprise to see New Horizons finally rise with this figure.

How many copies do you think the game will eventually sell? Ten million? 15 million? More? Put your bet in the comments below.

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