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Hi-Rez Explains How He'll Keep Games Balanced At Rogue Company Despite Crossplay – iGamesNews




Hi-Rez Studios It is one of the companies that has not hesitated to bet on Nintendo Switch, having brought a couple of important multiplayer titles such as Smite and Paladins.

Both games feature cross play, so you can expect their new game, Rogue Company, also include this feature. In a recent interview with TheXboxHub, the company talked about how they plan to balance cross-play so that certain controls aren't an advantage between players.

You can find his words below:

Fortunately, we've had a lot of experience with crossover play, we've recently added it to both Smite and Paladins. Many of the challenges are more on the technical and production side; make sure we do daily testing on all platforms within the studio and that new features in development are always ready for multiple platforms. Cross-testing is very important to the design team, as it enables them to ensure that features are balanced and working well, and that each type of controller gets the attention it deserves.

Our design team has spent a lot of time adjusting the feel of the controller compared to the keyboard and mouse, and in our tests it has been transparent who is using what. That being said, we are planning to do matchmaking based on input type (controls, keyboard and mouse, etc.) when you are not queuing up with a group. Therefore, players with controllers will play together (even if they use a controller on the PC), and so on.



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