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How to get Pikachu with Ash's cap on Pokémon Sword and Shield – Nintenderos




After the launch of Pokémon Home, the players of Pokémon Sword and Shield have discovered that the special variant of Pikachu with cap from Ash is allowed in the game thanks to the Reddit user called ‘PunishingCrab’ who first discovered it and uploaded a screenshot of the Pikachu with a cap on his Sword and Shield Pokédex.

You can check it in the following image:

Well, these are the steps to get the Pikachu with Ash's cap:

  • Step 1: Take a special QR code for Ultrasol and Ultramoon: There is a QR code that still works, and the popular Pokémon Bulbapedia information site has them, which you can get here. The version is specifically called ‘Partner Cap’ and scanning must be done on Ultra Sol & Ultra Luna for it to work.

  • Step 2: Start Ultrasol and Ultramoon and scan: Players have to reach the island of Akala before they can make this work. Using your 3DS, scan the QR code and an event will be activated. Then, on route 4, enter the location called Pikachu Valley. A delivery man will be waiting for you there, and after talking with him, you will get this Pokémon.

  • Step 3: Use Pokémon Bank and Pokémon Home: Players will have to use the Pokémon Bank in 3DS to move their Pikachu. It is still available in the electronic store and costs $ 4.99 a year. Once you save the creature in the bank, you can connect to Pokémon Home and transfer it. After it's in the recently launched application, you can finally move it to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Finally, we remind you that this adorable variant is actually the title of the seventh generation Pokémon Ultrasol and Ultramoon, and it was a promotion made in 2017 to coincide with the release of the film Pokémon I choose you! To celebrate, Game Freak shared codes that allowed coaches to download this peculiar Pokémon in their game. According to the same user, it seems that Pokémon GO variants do not currently work on Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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