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How to infinitely duplicate any object in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including Miles Nook – iGamesNews




Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is the latest installment in the exclusive Nintendo Switch series, which enjoyed an exceptional reception that greatly boosted the popularity of the franchise.

This particular title features several innovations in the series, in addition to entertaining mechanics with which players are free to find objects to personalize the interiors and exteriors of their islands. However, many would prefer more facilities to get these items. A few days ago it was shared that some players had found a glitch that allowed duplicating objects, less limited than the one we shared with you previously, since it was applied to 1 × 1 objects and later another glitch was revealed to duplicate objects.

Well, this time the YouTube channel BLAINES

has shared a video that shows us quickly how to duplicate any object in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including Nook Miles taking advantage of this glitch.

You can see it below:

  1. Create (or use) a secondary player account and a tertiary player account, so that there are at least three avatars on the island
  2. From the first player's account, send a letter to the secondary player and attach the object you want to duplicate
  3. Have the secondary player join the game through the app to invite other residents of the Nookophone (you will need to use the Joy-Con separately)
  4. Make the secondary player the leader by waving his command
  5. Enter a building and then leave it to update the secondary player's mailbox and go to this mailbox
  6. With the secondary player, collect the gifts you had sent
  7. Make the first player the leader again
  8. With the first player, select the option to add more residents to the game and invite the secondary player again
  9. Once the game is reloaded after selecting that option, change the leader again and make the leader now the secondary player
  10. Wait for the autosave icon to appear at the top right
  11. After it appears, go back to the secondary player's mailbox and get back the gifts you had sent
  12. If you want to repeat the process, change the leader again so that the leader is the first player, select the option to add more residents to the game again and select the secondary player again to reload the game and be able to repeat steps 8, 9, 10 and 11 infinitely

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