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Inti Create CEO Filters Three Uninvited Games




Gunvolt of Simple Chronicles Avenger IX Interior Design

There seems to be an abundance of new titles from Inti Creates that can be delivered soon, with a tweet from the CEO of the company debuting future announcements.

Inti Designes head Takuya Aizu shared the following message on Twitter today, noting that the company has three titles currently under construction and that the cancellation due to the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the announcement plans (thank you, Japan Nintendo

He discusses the options for "direct" self-disclosure on YouTube, suggesting that a live broadcast presentation may be a form of advertising.

Inti Designes has already released many titles on the switch, so we hope these new games are programmed. Blood: The Night Tradition, Gunvolt Chronicles: Lylous Avenger X, Blaster Master Zero, Blaster Master Zero 2, Dragon: Marked to Death and more.

What would you like to play next from Inti Designes?


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