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Japanese boy seeks to sue Kagawa law that restricts time spent with video games – iGamesNews




Surely many of you will remember the news we shared with you earlier this year regarding Kagawa and its law to set a play time limit for children 17 and under. Today we get news about it.

Specific, a 17 year old Called Wataru has managed to gain traction by trying to file a class action lawsuit to deal with this video time restriction law. It has the help of lawyer Tomoshi Sakka

And Shares has been fighting this law from the beginning, as he thinks that it should be the families who control their children's playtime, not the government.

"How long are children allowed to play or use a smartphone must be rules established by each family

, not by the government … », he assures. "I thought it was wrong for an administrative body to intervene in family life."

"[The guidelines are based] on the premise that gambling is the cause of things like truancy and gambling addiction … but it could be the other way around: truancy It can be caused by problems at school, for example, and for some people who play video games it may be the only relief. ”

We will be watching to see if he finally manages to file this lawsuit. Meanwhile, what do you think about it?



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