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Jet Cancer Review (Change the Shop)




There is no denying the amazing impact that the Japanese developers have made in the shooting genre, from the base set Space Invaders up to the most recent examples, such as the most depressing Rolling Gunner. The influence of Japanese design can feel softly on the west-developed Jet Lancer, even though its 360 degree levels mean it also owes titles such as WW2's WW2 Devolver Digital name Luftrausers.

He controls a combat test plane that looks very similar to the art from Hudson's equipment Soldier Blade, which comes from your mobile manager serving as a hub where you can get mission summaries, upgrade your jet items and determine your unique load for each expert. When you're not at war you can freely explore the world of 3D game, moving your carrier in mid-flight (assuming you have the necessary part to get there, of course).

The equipment ranges from simple destruction to friendly security or stealing data from transmission towers. Every now and then you will face the main enemy, and these titanic battles become the unexplained spectacle of the Jet Lancer; not only do these great enemies impress with a visual perspective, but they also require unique tactics and deft movements to overcome.

Fortunately, the Jet Lancer is in good control. Your thrust and afterburners are targeted at the shoulder muscles, and you can unlock special attacks with small shoulders keys. Standard shooting and a handodge dodge directed to the map face buttons, which means you can do multiple commands at once without getting your fingers in the mud. Setup takes a while to get used to, but thankfully the developers have incorporated accessibility features, such as having your advanced firearms automatically mounted so you don't have to worry about them (however, you should know that you are rated for your accuracy, in order to get good marks you will want to switch to manual control).

In fact, the Jet Lancer goes above and beyond when it comes to these accessibility features, giving you the ability to disable things like screen texture and allow you to sail completely I might lose some Some may deceive this as a reduction in feeling, but in reality, it means that anyone can have great fun out of the game – after all, you don't have to use the feature if you don't have to.

The heavy Jet Lancer presentation avoids getting too bad and the music goes too well; The only disadvantage is that the viewers are very clear in areas that may exclude other players. This is a common problem with these anti-divine 2D titles, since there is a need to keep small boats and background information so the player can see what is going on during the fury.

While the Jet Lancer is a bit repetitive in places, solid controls, fun and great action, the big explosives all combine to create a shooter worth watching – especially if you're a fan of this particular type.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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