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Justin Stander, developer of Katana Zero, confirms that there will be more content after the next DLC – iGamesNews




Katana zero is a video game of 2D platforms that came to Nintendo Switch and other platforms in the past April 18th.

Well, recently the medium has interviewed its developer, Justin Stander, which has confirmed that more content will come to the title after the Free DLC already announced. We leave you a piece of the interview below:

I have future plans for the game. Downloadable content will not complete the story. The current plan is to answer some of the most important questions from fans and give a little more insight into the world, but it won't end the story. It will be wrapped up in something else later that I haven't dealt with anyone yet, but everything has been planned from the beginning; It is not a kind of invention that I make as I go, like Lost or something. Everything has been very meticulously planned. The point is, he didn't want to take away any of the really good ideas he had. Katana Zero is essentially a great accumulation for everything that will happen later. “

Finally, you can read the entire interview here.

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