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Limited Run Announces Real Shantae Editing With 7 Sirens, Pre-Orders Opened Next Week




This month sees the release of Shantae And The Seven We Show on Nintendo Switch and many other platforms after the release of the first part of the game on the new Apple Arcade service last September.

The next chapter in the Shante series will arrive electronically on May 28th and to keep up with this, limited-edition bodybuilders of limited Run Games will be releasing hard copies on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Those interested will be able to choose the standard version ($ 34.99 USD) or The Collector & # 39; s Edition ($ 69.99 USD) includes a game copy, a SteelBook case, a Game Boy cart reminder, a trophic and much more.

We are so excited to announce the actual launch of @WayForward & # 39; s Shantae and the Seven Sirevens for PS4 & Switch! Pre-orders for four weeks open at 10am ET on Friday, May 15 and on


In addition to Standard Edition, PS4 Editions & Switch Collection Collections will be available in pre-order for four weeks from 10 am ET on May 15! Each CE includes a copy of the game, a SteelBook case, a boy's memorial cart, and more.

As for when these virtual versions will go away, you may have to wait a while:

Our virtual products are usually shipped 2-2 months after the pre-order window closes / after the first sale day. Production updates will be placed on the product page on your order page for easy inspection.

Will you buy a copy of Shantae And The Seven Sirens, or play a digital genre on the first day? Tell us below.


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