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Mario Design In PS4 Dream Comes To The Forum Contains "Copyrighted Material"




It seems that it finally happened – after a solid few months of PlayStation 4 users being completely creative either the kind of game they wanted to touch on at the start of Media Molecule Dreams, Sony has begun to take action against certain projects that have been uploaded.

Dream content designer @Piece_of_Craft clarified the situation, explaining how they had been contacted by a "big video game company" and told to stop. The same message went on to show how all of their Super Mario projects within the Dream were handled.

The developer is said to have received an email from the legal and business affairs section of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, explaining how Nintendo allegedly "denied" the use of Super Mario IP in Dreams. As you can see in the picture above, the project has been tested and removed for containing copyrighted material.

While some companies (at least for now), don't seem to care that their players are replaying their games with a new MM title, if in fact, it's true, it seems that Nintendo might not feel the same way – which would not exactly come as a surprise.

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