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Modder Shrinks N64 Down To The Size Of Game Advance SP



Portable N64 modes – where the console's interior is mounted in a handheld shell complete with LCD screen and battery so you can play Super Super 64 On the road – they have been around for years, but this latest effort should look like one of the most impressive yet.

GmanModz has taken the N64 hats and put them in a 3D printed case that is not much bigger than the Game Boy Adv ance SP, making that certainly the best model for the N64 package now.

The mod may be due to the latest discoveries in the modeling community around the N64 interface control board, an area where traditionally it has forced mods to be bigger than they should be. The board has been relocated and redesigned safely, GmanModz has been able to lower the base of the system and put it in a much smaller clamshell state – however you can still use your original cartridge. And because this is using real hardware and not simulation, it has 100% compatibility with the rest of the N64 library.

It is indeed mod is cool – and while we may not see Nintendo taking the same route, it makes us wonder when we will actually get this popular N64 version.

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