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Nintendo Switch Bones Cool Now, And Pre-Orders Just Open




Nintendo Switch Man Cooling

If you're worried about your heritage and it's expensive – the Nintendo Switch system is over, Game Tech has you covered with a cool new fan, launching later this week.

It may look funny at first, but the product is said to be able to handle heat from the console, cooling it to "13 degrees". It attaches to the Switch with a series of hold cups for easy passage on and off, and supported by batteries or by connecting it to a wall.

Those of us who enjoy the UK culture traditionally and poorly at the time may not need such a thing, but the cooling fan is especially focused on those who live in Japan, where the summer months can be very cruel.

You can continue again pre-order one from Amazon Japan if you are interested; international shipping is available, and is scheduled for release tomorrow, May 15th.

Ever experienced problems with overheating with your switch? Let us know if this fan sounds like a good idea and in the comments below.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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