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Nintendo to replenish Animal Crossing amiibo cards to try to curb speculators in Japan – iGamesNews




At the end of last April we received good news for Animal Crossing fans. Nintendo He reiterated his intention to continue distributing amiibo cards from the franchise after confirming a relaunch a few weeks ago in June.

As you know, the stock of these cards is practically non-existent worldwide, something that has been accused after the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its compatibility with these cards. However, Nintendo has confirmed in a recent interview with GAME Watch that it plans to create and distribute more Animal Crossing amiibo cards

. This is expected to occur. "Sequentially" and that it affects all the amiibo letters of Animal Crossing except those of the collaboration with Sanrio.

However, it is very difficult to get the complete set and many dedicated collectors end up going to popular auctions to try to complete his collection, often at speculators

unscrupulous. Fortunately we get good news in this regard and are the following:

  • Nintendo is taking on speculators with a booking plan that will cover all four series of the "Welcome amiibo" line, at least in Japan.
  • The lucky Japanese collectors will have until June 30th to choose and reserve their packs, which Nintendo will manufacture to meet demand.
  • These orders are expected to be fulfilled in September and a pack will cost 330 yenWhich is equivalent to about £ 2.50 / $ 3.

Hopefully Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will take note and launch a similar plan at some point, we have no doubt that it will be very popular with Western fans as well!



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