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Origami King coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17th – My Nintendo News




Want to add dimensions to your trip? Are you ready for your fun into ten-ten? A special invitation to the colorful, paper-made world has arrived. Princess Peach welcomed Mario and Luigi to my Kingdom celebration Paper Mario: The Origami King the game only introduces i Swap Nintendo family program July 17.

There is a slight glitch at the events, though: Princess Peach looks amazing. To learn more about his mysterious behavior, you can watch the game-drawn trailer It looks like King Olly, who claims to be the ruler of the Origami Empire, has conspired with a conspiracy that endangers everything Mari loves. It looks dangerous on paper, so a cut-out extra is needed to save the day!

"Paper Mario: The Origami King is developing a new Nintendo switch for players to threaten," said Nick Chavez, Nintendo's US Vice President of Marketing and Marketing. "The game marks the release of Paper Marioseries on Nintendo Switch, expanding the game's vast library with another introduction to the beloved franchise."

Mario faces one of his most intriguing challenges yet in Paper Mario: The Origami King when dangerous King Olly launches his plan to wrap around the world. As soon as things get less bad, he ties the Princess Peach Palace to a large, colorful mural and takes it to a distant mountain. He has also converted Bowser references into Collected Folders and incorporated them into his fake plan.

Fortunately, Mario is armed with the many tools he has to help secure the victory. One of Mario's newest skills, called 1000-Fold Arms, allows you to interact with the world by opening and pulling, knocking and uncovering new locations, to help you solve the puzzle and unravel the unexpected. Along the way, you'll enlist the help of old and new characters, such as King Olly's beautiful sister, Olivia, and a list of unfriendly characters, including Bowser himself! If they can no longer wrap King Olly & # 39; s original intentions, Mario will accept all the help he can get with open arms!

Paper Mario: Origami King has also introduced a new ring combat system that lets you flex your puzzle-solving skills to collect scattered enemies and increase damage. While enemies are not built on paper, these powerful and turn-based battles are far from ideal. It will require a keen mind to make short work of these cunning enemies.

With a world rich in details to explore, events beyond the mini-game drawing and countless mysteries waiting to be resolved, Mario's next exciting adventure on Nintendo Switch is poised to bring a great deal of art and laughter.

To learn more about Paper Mario: The Origami King, visit Paper Mario: Origami King launches stores, Nintendo eShop Nintendo switchch on on July 17 at the suggested retail price of $ 59.99. For those who want to start their adventure as soon as the game begins, pre-purchase is available.

Source: Nintendo of America


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