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Pinball Wizard Zen Studios Brings Brand New Horror-Theed Strategy RPG To Change This World




Zen Studios, is well-known in recent years for similar games Pinball FX3, proclaim Let's learn Nautical – an awesome new RPG strategy that launches Nintendo Switch on April 29th.

It is widely described as a high-tech RPG, with roguelike features, and has a spectacular – yet comfy – eerie, which promises to be one of the most popular "videogame" of 2020.

The amazing, supernatural power of a regular cruise liner known as i Hope with vicious actions intended to wipe out any visitor in their tracks. After selecting one of the four different characters, players will fly through twenty planes, unlimited production of the ship, in search of food and other available items. Along the way, they will be joined by 11 other survivors of color, who may choose to join the fight based on the player's input and humorous social interactions. Good planning of what friends to bring, how to attack, and what skills to improve are key to surviving this "holiday".

Vice President of Publication, Mel Kirk, said Zen Studios & # 39; s wanted to prove that he was more than just a pinball wizard. It is also looking to allow its development the freedom to create the games they want to play:

"Dread Nautical's release on consoles and PC speaks to the pursuit of Zen Studios & # 39; s developing comprehensive and well-designed multiplayer games to redefine our studio beyond Pinball Wizards. new in the broader sports field.

"Most importantly, we're more than happy to let our free teams make the games they want to play"

Do you like the look of this? Have you played any of the previous releases of Zen Studios? Let us know in the comments.

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