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Rage 4 Dev Roads Have Some Ways To Find The DLC, But There Is No Illegal On The Job




Rage Roads 4

Rage 4 roads it is one of the best games we've played in a long time, but as noted in our review, the campaign is still a bit on the short side – especially if you don't want to take the plunge or rush over the lines.

One solution would be DLC. So, what are the chances of it happening? Similarly Twitch live

when the Guard Crush team talked about how Sega rejected Joe Musashi's idea Shinobi with the addition of this game, the developer touches on the downloaded content.

According to interpretations made by DualShockers, Guard Crush has "certain" ideas in mind about possible DLC. However, at present, no downloadable content is formally created for development, and it is uncertain whether it will continue.

Some new levels, characters, and even a mode or two weren't hurt. What do you think? Would you like to see DLC for Stage of Rage 4 later down the line? Share your thoughts below.


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