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Random: Frightened Spiders? Then Don't Try This Animal Crossing: The New Horizons Trick




If you have read our directions all good Crossing the Animals: New Horizons Tips and tricks, you may already be something of a genius when it comes to finding Bells and earning excellent rewards, but here's something we never thought to try – and still probably won't.

Should you want to infect your game with hundreds of the most terrifying villains available – tarantulas – this little trick will come in handy. The bad thing is that you will be running around with your life all day, trying to trap them in your net before they even know you about their hate-filled pain, but on the plus side that you can cash in on them lovely

the sum.

Twitter user Voxels provides the following list of steps to make this evil happen. Just take a look at any island accessible by Nook Miles game tickets, and complete these activities:

– Cut down all trees and remove stems
– select all flowers (select, do not break)
– remove all rocks
– Night time only (previous 7 worked)
– sewage disposal facilities
– A clear island of all bugs

Doing this will cause the tarantulas to come out fully, leaving you in a situation like this:

Another Twitter user, you are tired, explains how everything works:

The move further states that the exception to the current rule is cricket, "because once they are dispersed you will have to catch them or else they will never leave".

Well, thank you. Now we can't sleep tonight. Once again, this is not a trick for your home island, but rather some islands you can visit with the Nook Miles program. Don't waste your beautiful paradise home by mistake!


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