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Random: Nintendo Says Rage 4 Borders Deleted, But Not So




Rage Roads 4

It would appear that Nintendo is still confused about the official release date Rage 4 roads on Switch, following its original eShop error list for new, inaccurate news submissions.

You may recall that earlier this month, the Nintendo switchch at the Shop was renewed to reveal that Rage 4 Streets would be out on April 23. At the time, game publisher DotEmu said the date was incorrect, and very confusing. We have to say, at first we thought that Nintendo's listing should be accurate and that DotEmu was just trying to hold back from announcing the release.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the game would be launching Switch next week rather than the eShop list to tell us, on the new April 30th. We were finally starting to feel satisfied about having a solid day as a result, but then this showed up on the switchch news channel:

Rage Roads 4Nintendo's health

Appearing to be viewed exclusively on Australian accounts at the time of writing, this message from Nintendo reiterates that the game is now over, meeting that unofficial release of 23 April. Going to the Shop shows that, in fact, Certainly not.

We're not sure why Nintendo's plans seem so bizarre that the game will come out, well, yesterday, but we promise it will officially come out on April 30th. We can't wait for the game to finally be in our hands – in part because we are determined to play it, and partly so that all this confusion is over the top.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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