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Round Up: The Sonic Movie Review is in Chicken, and they don't make a good read





After a campaign to change the look of the lead character and the delay in its release, we're here finally to find out what is hyped Sonic the Hedgehog movie is like. Based on a series of Sega video games that have been launched decades ago (not to mention a number of gaming systems), the film stars James Marsden, the adventurous Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey, and is run by Jeff Fowler, a visual effects expert who makes his directorial debut this issue.

With a $ 95 million rumored budget and expectations of the Sonic fanbase behind it (don't offend those people, trust us), is Sonic breaking the curse of movie-based movies? Well, from previous reviews, it seems that the answer is & # 39; no & # 39;

Our friends Eurogamer type the movie "cut-and-paste wireless" function that fails to use the best character:

Not that Sonic's movie is bad, even if it's not very good. That it was a bad idea from the start. It's a cutting-edge job with a Hollywood cast so cleverly designed that he'll try to make a movie with any known actor who can get his hands on it – without asking who he is or why people like him in the first place.

UK newspaper Keeper gave the film two out of five stars, saying that "as its fastest hero, who doesn't care for attention, this sounds like a speed job," but adds:

… if this movie has an ace in the ring, Jim Carrey, who plays state-sponsored founder Doctor Robotnik. Carrey gives her cartoon cartoon a full treatment: Refreshing eyes, elongated mustache, extreme height difficulties, and excessive bank movements they perceive in the dance of interpretation. You are so much more beautiful than Sonic. And this is very good.

The Telegraph (subscription required) calls the movie "funny, unhappy crap" and laments the fact that much of what happens on screen is completely separate from the structure and setting seen in the first games:

What is your favorite level in Sonic the Hedgehog video games? The one where Sonic was hunted for machine guns and snatch dogs in the alpine forest? Or maybe that's when Sonic visited the dive bar along the way, tried to dance the line, played bows and wrestled with Hell & # 39; s Angels? Although I am an avid follower of cobalt-quilled erinaceid & # 39; s 16-bit escapades, I must say that I struggle to remember these moments with myself.

A long-running UK film magazine State it also gave it two stars, stating that "in the form Jim Carrey can't stop the budget for the Sonic action to feel like a missed opportunity":

That’s when Carrey is off screen Sonic The Hedgehog underwhelms. The basic dynamic between Sonic and Marsden's overconfidence of the Sheriff is lacking in a few beats, and the speed with which their relationship grows means that the dramatic moments in the final parts of the movie are not as pronounced as they might be.

Movie release Miscellaneous he also was a senseless one, saying:

Judging by the level of discouragement that Sonic fans have taken for him, the makers of "Sonic the Hedgehog" would have done well to turn the film into a theme park for a video game cheat, such as the ridiculous "Ralph Breaks Internet." But no! Their really bad decision, far worse than Sonic's Sonic production, was to make the movie "Sonic" one of those unhealthy live-action adventure comedies with a generic weisenheimer included.

AV Club share this feeling of disappointment:

… this crazy cracking project separates its character from the speed and tropical eye candy, back of loop-de-loop Sonic games, dumping him in a haunted house, a suburban kitchen, and a passenger seat in a nondescript highway. Even the burglary of an act can be strange; Best Director Jeff Fowler can provide the weak knock of the "Time In A Bottle" sequence from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Only Carrey, who surrenders himself to another re-activist who has attacked, threatens to threaten Sonic The Hedgehog with the exception of its pedestrian junkyard.

Not everyone completely he hated it, though! The Verge says that Sonic is "too good to love" and adds:

Finally, Sonic It's a children's movie that recognizes that it might be the first introduction of kids to a hedgehog, so it makes a few hints of the video game world they come from and spend more time talking about things they might find. Unfortunately, the gags look like it's too late in a few years, they quickly come into their own: there are many jokes about Olive Garden's endless pasta. Sonic did a floss dance not once, but twice. They make a joke with Vin Diesel in the middle The Fast and Furious. (In fact, this will remain in effect as long as they continue to do so FF movies, forever.)

Radar Games and it was more beautiful, and gave it three of the five possible stars, saying:

To conclude with a few scenes of central and non-despicable detail respectively as a clear confirmation of the intentions of making one, it is a film that should have hard-working fans who throw their weight off. Saying Sonic has a box-office mileage to make that distance visible, but on the basis of better coverage expected for the first time, some quick times won't be a bad thing.

IGN brings a very good review of the lot, giving the film 7/10 and saying:

While this friendly family comedy suffers from a simple story and relies heavily on the tired tired walls, Sonic the Hedgehog is still reprimanded by the strong performances of Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. Their ongoing cat-and-mouse game is entertaining, and fans of the Sega franchise love should let you know all about Sonic's storytelling. Make no mistake, this highly anticipated film was first made for Sonic fans. If you've been loving this blue for the past 29 years, from his humble beginnings in Sega Genesis to his now revival, Sonic the Hedgehog is the love book you probably want. If not… maybe keep your gold rings.

So that's what critics say, but will you still see this movie regardless? Let us know about the idea.


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