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Samurai Shodown's Twitter account removes some of his tweets as inappropriate and offensive and apologizes – iGamesNews




Recently, we informed you that Iroha, the additional character of Samurai Shodown, would be available from May 13. Well, even though she still can't be selected as a playable character, it seems that this fighter is creating quite a bit of controversy.

This, apparently, is due to the design of the character. As we have been able to know thanks to Kotaku, following the announcement of the new fighter, the official Twitter account of Samurai Shodown of SNK started retweeting Iroha screenshots. The funny thing is that these captures did not focus so much on their combat skills, but rather on their physical attributes. All this flow of comments concluded with a tweet, published by the official account of Samurai Shodown, in which he said "we are all hot tonight".

As a result of these events, and unsurprisingly, many fans showed their discomfort and disagreement with the publications that the company had made. Finally, these complaints have led to the Twitter account of Samurai Shodown

of SNK
Delete all tweets, replacing them with an apology message:

Various posts made by this account have been deemed inappropriate and offensive to members of our community. The manager in charge received a strict warning to be more considerate. Offensive posts have been removed. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

Of course, this tweet has also generated controversy, as many other fans of the game, who did not consider the aforementioned posts inappropriate, have complained about it, rebuking the first group of followers.

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