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Genres are very important. Not in video games, either; whether you're reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to some music, music genres are important in showing what kind of experience you are. SuperMash takes the idea and puts it into your head, giving you the freedom to take two different game types and beat them simultaneously. It's an interesting concept that is hard to resist – especially when you grew up in the & # 39; 80s – but in the end its complete make-up is great, and it failed to hold our interest for long.

The story of the game is less important, but it does well as a back up for a great game. He plays as a shop assistant who, after giving his little boy his computer game for a garage sale, is rewarded with again appearing to be an old toy box. When the store is in danger of being closed, the owner breaks the box and discovers a console that has never been seen two game cartridges at a time, thus creating & # 39; mash & # 39; of game types. Personally, we would be heading straight to the auction once we got a console like this, but there we go.

The rest of the story plays out like a visual novel, a video game shop serving a workshop area where you can go there and enjoy it. There are various points of interest, including a journal to view information in game tests, and a tool where you enter the code to produce a specific game. You can also tap the X at any time in the store to quickly get into the occasional homemade mash, if you wish. You may remember to enter announcement of Indie World

that one of the traders showed his favorite code and asked to give it a try when the game started. We cannot simply say, at least, one of the best games on offer.

There are six options to choose from when compiling your games: Platformer is reminiscent of classic 2D platforms like Super Super Bros.; the Shoot-Em Up creates an oversized scrolling screen with enemy waves; JRPG adds features such as clock-based battles and stats; Action Adventure basically History of Zelda calm down; The Stealth genre takes inspiration from the start Metal Gear articles; in the end, Metrogium contains elements from The castlegumi and Metroid games, as you expect.

Whichever type you first choose will form the whole basis of the game you are about to play. So, for example, if you choose the Stealth and Shoot-Em-Up type, you'll probably be placed in a battlefield like Metal Gear, but the characters will be made up of materials from a hot, bulletproof enemy as you explore. If you change the order of the variables, however, you will be ranked vertically, and there will be items from the winning game (including a cardboard box, because of course …


You can choose how long your mash will be, as well as its standard hardness. In addition to this, the game facilitates the free use of & # 39; d cards & # 39 ;, previously creating modeplay modifera called & # 39; glitches & # 39 ;. This can make games easier or harder depending on what the glitch contains, and unfortunately you can't turn it off completely. Still, some are worth playing around with; we really enjoyed the depth that created the camera angle. The dev cards themselves are unlocked by ending your playtime, developing a story, or using in-game currency to buy it.

It's fun at first to try different types of giveaways to see what kind of game it produces, but in the end you won't create anything worth repeating more than a few times. The crux of the problem lies in the fact that games are based, more or less, on classic titles known for their purpose, carefully designed levels and gameplay By taking these kinds of things and getting everything done correctly, there is nothing that comes together as much as you like (not to mention the fact that you invite direct comparisons to some of the best video games ever made). The first innovation to see the models squeezed together fades quickly as you run into problems such as object misrepresentation, unmatched complexity, and self glitches that completely violate the experience.

Despite the decline, but overall game performance logically solid; the aforementioned issues arise from a design perspective as opposed to technical problems. Specifically, most of the goods are excellent, and the character formation – while not unique – is commendable. The presentation as a whole is very welcome, and it's a real shame that it goes down as soon as the premise of the & # 39; mashup & # 39; game kicks off. We had a lot of fun combining the two likewise types, and that means everything, actually.


SuperMash is a great idea that feels grateful for the brutal killing. The idea of ​​combining different types of fun together is fun, but the reality is that the games that appear are just a little bit funny, and extremely broken. The basic generation has its place in the industry, many games use it to do well. Unfortunately, in the case of SuperMash the concept comes in silly again too much working, we better sit down with a deliberately hand-picked game any day of the week.


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