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Bad Eggs begin to appear in Pokémon Home




This morning we shared with you that Pokémon Home It had been updated to version 1.0.8. Well, now we get an interesting detail related to this patch.

Apparently, the update includes a new measure against illegal Pokémon. As you know, there are users who have hacked or modified creatures and Pokémon Home detects them and, from now on, makes them Bad Eggs

. The name may sound to you, since we have seen you in previous installments of the series.

It is a representation system that punishes those users who transfer these Pokémon to the service. These Bad Eggs cannot be transferred or released let alone hatch. In addition, they will occupy the space they are occupying forever, which reduces the total storage size of these users.

What do you think of this measure?



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No ones going to want to pay for poke bank if there trades hacked Pokémon and can’t release them for more space If you literally can’t do anything with them. What makes me angry is why did anyone decide not to allow the Pokémon that are considered “bad eggs” to be released. Now that’s just an insult!! If I have A bad egg that I can’t do anything with, I should beable to delete it! I shouldn’t be forced to keep it. All I can say is people who buy poke bank will no longer buy it or support it… Read more »