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This photo of a girl hugging her Mareep Pokémon stuffed toy has gone viral



This photo of a girl hugging her Mareep Pokémon stuffed toy has gone viral

On the Internet today many users share their opinions on different topics through social networks, as well as photos of their daily lives among their followers, so that they can learn a little more about them.

On this occasion we bring you a curious image shared by the Twitter user @SkoochLoL. It turns out that recently I buy an mareep plush (Electric-type Pokémon introduced in the second generation), life size (114cm) $ 500 for your girlfriend on the official Pokémon Center website


Well, he decided to take a photo and share it on the social network, the funniest thing is that it looks like she is turned hugging the huge stuffed animal of the sheep, while he remains on his back showing an expression of disappointment. As expected, the reactions of people have not been made to wait, currently having more than 616,000 likes and more than 87,000 retweets.

You can see the image below:

In fact, Japanese commentators have also reacted to this photo:

“I suddenly thought of melon bread for some reason”

“If Mareep doesn't exist, he couldn't sleep”

“If I were him I would divorce her”

“I have become a Mareep!”

Mareep has not won. Gold and silver (money) is what matters most »

Undoubtedly an instant of the most fun for most, although perhaps something more worrying for our protagonist.

What do you think?

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