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The Amazing 101 Reminder features an enhanced camera and better display | My Nintendo Stories




More details have emerged regarding the upcoming anniversary of the Wii U classic, The Wondingly 101 for Nintendo Switch. Of course, to be a reminder, there will be some changes and they will come in the form of a much improved camera and better visibility on the screen display so newcomers feel welcome. Here is what Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya said:

"We had the choice to play on one screen with the release of the original Wii U where the second screen was shown in the right corner. So, wewere still hearing about things back then. Looking back at it now, I feel like there are some features that are slow or uninteresting. for one screen on the Wii U, I feel like it was actually an awkward thing. We wanted to move things around, make things bigger or smaller and have a lot of different ways from the beginning, but ended up not being able to make it happen.

But beyond all that, we are looking at even the smallest details. Throughout Wonder 101, the camera rotates depending on the action that takes place, such as the camera up or down behind the shoulder and so on – sometimes it's like a blast that shoots the player by pressing a button on the fire and whatnot. And I think there are some UI elements that are not properly configured the way we would like to be. Some players may have been confused during a gameplay mode change when they didn't know which button to press or what to do. These are the kinds of things we want to change to make the experience more intuitive and fun for the player. ”



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