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The Old-School Arcade Side-Scroller Huntdown Huntdown runs until today




As promised, Huntdown – 80s-inspired pixel art comedy – has exploded on Nintendo Switch today. A new launch trailer has been released

Set for a dystopian future and full of beautiful 16-bit pixel art and hand-drawn animation, Huntdown can be a great – and especially brutal – and violent – move back to the great action movies and pop culture of the 80s. It is said that we include "fluid action packed 60-FPS Gameplay and epic & # 39; 80s soundtrack", which sounds all about us.

If you need to find this, here is a list of important symptoms:

Key Features:

Two local co-op players

Three great fairy hunters to play as:
Anna Conda: Ex-commando and firearms expert. A hard-core shooter who is trained to kill without question or mercy.
– John Sawyer: Special forces forces have left the law behind. This legendary broadcaster has lost too many legs in the fight against his half robot.
– Mow Man: Modified don droid, stolen and powered by banned software. It chases cold-blooded bodies.

20 levels: Gritty, neon stuffed, graffiti spreads the 80s of the city to clean up, each with their own gang boss to finish and want to collect.

Different gangs to point to:
Hoodlum Doll: Violent punks win a group war with the toothless authorities
– Inappropriate behavior: Well organized hockey hooligans, specializing in robbery and extortion
– Heatseekers: Deadly motorcycle club. These rock giants are styles to hundreds of ancient Roman emperors
– NO.1 Suspect: Correctional officers and organized crime. Martial arts professionals, these crafty psychopaths control the night through their casinos and nightclubs

Choose your weapon: Grab machine guns, laser weapons, cartoons, grenades and more, and unlock their owners. Stab, shoot and blast your way through swimmers and bosses and collect your full.

Change Huntdown

We'll be sure to fully update your game as soon as we can. In the meantime, let us know if you're ready to pick the one to comment below.


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