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The Pokemon company announces the Pokemon Players Cup – My Nintendo News




Pokémon Company International today announced the Pokémon Players Cup, a new online tournament for Masters Division competitors that will begin in July 2020. Competitors in Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Video Game Championship (VGC), and Pokkén Tournament DX will have the opportunity to prove that they are the best in this official Play! Pokémon online tournament open to players worldwide.

The Pokémon Players Cup will have two stages. In July 2020, eligible players will compete in double-use brackets, labeled with measuring points, to determine the best players for each of the scales. Those top fishermen will face off in the final stage of the Pokémon Players Cup in August 2020, where the winner will be crowned Pokémon Players Cup winner and receive the Travel Award at the next International Championship event, which is part of the Indigenous Games! Pokémon Championship Series.

"The competitive nature of Pokémon is very special, and we can't wait for players to connect with each other in the new Pokémon Players Cup online," said Colin Palmer, vice president of marketing at Pokémon Company International. “With the postponement of the traditional Play! Pokémon for personal tournaments, we hope to see some of the most powerful battles and popular public games on display in the Pokémon Players Cup. "

The Pokémon TCG and VGC competitors will have to qualify for the Pokémon Players Cup Competition for their performance in the following events. Coaches should make sure they bring their A-game to the upcoming titles so they can compete in the Pokémon Players Cup!

Pokémon TCG Championship
Pokémon TCG competitors will be eligible for their position on the June board of directors (standard format, Torum tournament) in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.

Pokémon VG Championship
Pokémon Video Game Champions competitors will be eligible to enter Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Global Challenge May Internet Competition, which runs from May 21 to 24, 2020 (link). The Masters Division competitors in Pokémon VGC will have to finish among the Top Qualifying Coaches in their respective rankings to qualify for the International Challenge to qualify for the Pokémon Players Cup title.

  • North America: Top 256
  • Europe: Top 256
  • Oceania: Top 128
  • Latin America: Top 256

Please note that in order for the Pokémon VGC competitors to qualify, you will need to Link Nintendo Account with their Pokémon Trainer Club account before registering.

Pokkén Contest DX Championship
Pokkén Tournament DX competitors will be able to register directly for the first round of the Pokémon Players Cup in the near future, with more details coming soon
In addition, during the Pokémon Players Cup, each Pokémon TCG, Pokémon VGC, and Pokkén Tournament DX competitions will start with a special invitation event, the winners ready for the final stage of the competition.
Coaches can sit and watch with upcoming information about the Pokémon Players Cup and how fans can catch all the action through the broadcast.

Source: Company Pokemon


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