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This Arcade Control Switch Repeats Like a Charging Dock




Replace the Arcade Controller Mini

If you still want that nice arcade style setup on your switch, this new dock controller might just be the solution you've been hoping for.

Called & # 39; Switch Charging Arcade Controller Mini & # 39 ;, this device accesses your Switch using a USB-C port, either directly uses the switch on its dock, or connects it remotely. It has classic gaming icon, arcade style and six large face buttons.

O ther buttons available in your traditional control switch controller are also added in sequence, such as your ZL and ZR triggers and the home button. There's no problem shooting, so you'll need to rely on your Switch to take screenshots, but the arcade controller returns that with the Turbo button to resolve any immediate fire needs you may have in the game.

Of course, this isn't the first time this company has seen the switch's Arcade controller – the HORI Real Arcade Pro V and the 8Bitdo & # 39; s NES30 Arcade Stick are quickly rolling out – but the basic thing is certainly making it an interesting option. They are available for purchase on the Japanese site Thank you for 4,980 yen (approx. £ 39 / $ 45), or you will need a workaround to order one when available overseas.

Like a design? Would you like to see the same thing make you go west? Tell us below.

Thanks to the tip graysoncharles!

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